August 22, 2012

4 months

This month has been one of my favorites so far :) She has more of a personality now and responds to us all the time. She smiles all the time. She has several different giggles so it's hard to tell which one was her "first" but she has been giggling a lot now. She is so ticklish! Her feet, tummy, and her neck. She also loves it when you tickle and rub her head. She gets really impatient when she doesn't get her food right then right now. When I'm getting ready to feed her she can go from 0-10 in just seconds. She had her first ear infection this month. She went down for bed with a little bit of a red ear and woke up to an ear full of gross-ness. I was afraid something could have happened inside her ear so I called her pediatrician for an appointment. In just a half hour they were able to see her but by the time we went in it was covered in even more discharge and had popped or drained. I'm glad nothing was wrong with her. She is such an angel, she didn't cry at all (just a little fussy) even the nights before when her ear seemed to be pretty red and sore.
 She sucked her thumb for the first time this month. It was the cutest thing. Also one night Adam and I were putting her down for bed and she spit out her pacifier then managed to put it back in her mouth. It was so funny to watch. Speaking of spitting out her pacifier. When she was first able to take a pacifier; I put her down for a nap with it in her mouth and when I went back in, it was on the floor. She managed to spit it out from her bassinet onto the floor. She must have really not wanted it. She coos for long periods of time, almost like she's singing. She also drools a lot, as well as spits up. It's amazing how much laundry this little girl has me do :) She started noticing her fists and hands this month. She also kicks really fast, especially when she's in the tub or when I'm changing her diaper. Its really funny to watch.
I wanted to play a little bit with Ella with my camera...she's too cute so I had to share. I love her little nose :)
This little girl melts my heart and I'm so glad I get to hold her every day. She sleeps really good through the night still and every time I go in her room in the morning she gives me the biggest and cutest smile. I love it! Its a great way to start off my days :)

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Parker and Maren said...

She is too cute. I wish we could see you all more often!